Invisible Relations, 2001

Team Members Yoichiro Serita, Erik Conrad, Elizabeth Adams, Maryann Westfall

Concept To dynamically visualize invisible relationships or similarities.

Introduction In public spaces, people create paths in many directions as they walk. Some paths cross as unaware strangers bypass each other. Some paths merge, as with lovers meeting for a rendezvous. In crowds, people may walk uncomfortably near others, invading their personal space. And some paths diverge, as when neighbor commuters part for various office destinations.

This project is an experiment in creating a space that recognizes the untraveled paths between people. The created space will be responsive to the presence of individuals. As people enter the space, connections between individuals are ³drawn² onto the ground via an overhead projector. The purpose is to provide a visualization of the ³Invisible Relations² between people, provoking an awareness of those relationships and perhaps inviting new and unanticipated interactions amongst the individuals.

Process Overview For this exhibition, we had to demonstrate a scaled down version of the system due to inclement weather. We installed indoors and used toy trucks as substitutes for people. This iteration worked in the following manner:

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