I am interested in how technologies shape the ways that people think, and how we can use design to experience the world in rich and meaningful ways.

Quotes and Pictures

:: preformance (crankie)

"Quotes and Pictures" is a crankie about seeing, and was performed in 2019 at the Black Cherry Puppet Theater in Baltimore, Maryland. I am still working on the documentation, but you can still visit the Quotes and Pictures documentation for the script and pictures.

Palpable City

:: mobile, wearable, tactile installation

Palpable City is a large-scale, mobile, tactile installation. The everyday experience of space is augmented with an invisible tactile landscape, where one navigates less by vision and more by feel. Participants wear a vest outfitted with a GPS, custom hardware and software, and an array of vibrotactile actuators (vibrating pager motors) that are sewn in across the chest and back. As they walk, they encounter varying vibrotactile patterns—changes in rhythm, location or intensity—dependent upon their location. Visit the project page for more documentation.

bark rubbings: city as forest

:: mobile, wearable, tactile installation

In bark rubbing I would like to think of the city as a forest of textures. A forest in nature can be seen an experience of living architecture. It is a medium that connects earth-human-sky. A walk through a forest has a texture of densities of vegetation, and within that varying densities of species, each with their own texture.

The city can be imagined in a similar way, certain areas are more or less dense with buildings and people. The buildings' canopy is higher or lower depending upon use or neighborhood. When you look to individual buildings, each facade has its own texture. The idea is that the visual textures and energies of the living and built structures project out into the spaces that surround them. By wearing the vest and walking through the spaces, one can experience them. The textures range from smooth rolling waves up and down the body, to stochastic full body bursts. Timing and intensity of the vibrations vary depending on the participants movement, much like how the sensation and impression changes when you vary the speed and pressure of charcoal while making a rubbing over a texture. Please visit the project page for documentation.

information animals

:: concept video (max/msp/jitter)

Proposal :: What denotes evolutionary fitness in the information age? As participants take Information Animals for a walk, their imagery, sound and behavior transform, combining local conditions with a narrative of fictional evolutionary adaptations. Embodied by a 25"x50" LED display woven into deer fencing, and mobilized by a push golf cart, Information Animals engage their environment through a suite of common environmental and network sensors that nourish their imaginary biologies, defining their lifeworld in the information landscape. LED animation concept video [vimeo]

Elsewhere : Anderswo

:: web design

Elsewhere : Anderswo is a GPS driven sound installation by artist Teri Rueb. I designed and built the project web site, and aided in the testing, deployment and documentation of the GPS+PocketPC systems. View Elsewhere : Anderswo at terirueb.net

Elsewhere : Anderswo

:: bicycle map [pdf]::

Elsewhere : Anderswo is a GPS driven sound installation by artist Teri Rueb. I designed this map to aid bicycle riders navigate the istallation.

Sewing Circuits

:: poster – course announcement [pdf]

Kinaesthetic Double Double

:: kinetic sculpture

Riding the train, one's body participates in a choreography of movements instigated by the twists and turns of the tracks. Largely ignored, this jostling constitutes a communal everyday kinaesthetic experience. However, we share this experience with more than our fellow travelers---this choreography includes non-human actors as well. kinaesthetic double-double is a "performing object"---in this case, a discarded coffee cup that replays the quotidian jostling brought about by the twists, turns, stops and starts of the subway. Please visit the project page for documentation.


:: web design [pdf

CORE SAMPLE IS a GPS driven sound walk by artist Teri Rueb. I designed the project web site design, and aided in the testing and deployment of the GPS+PocketPC systems, and served as the project's public liaison at Spectacle Island. View CORE SAMPLE at terirueb.net

A Tactilist Theatre

:: installation & performance

The "mother of all senses"-touch is the sense which became differentiated into the others. The skin is the most ancient and largest sense organ of the body, yet few arts engage it directly. In his 1921 The Manifesto of Tactilism, Futurist Filippo T. Marinetti outlined a radical new "Art of Touch". It is in this spirit that I propose to bring "poems told by touch" to Bumpkin Island via the construction of a small tactilist theatre. Visit the project page for documentation.

bark rubbings

:: map/information sheet [pdf]

Map and information handout for a GPS driven, wearable, tactile installation–bark rubbings by Erik Conrad, for Pixilerations exhibition in Providence, RI Visit the project page for more information about the work and wearable.

reading a wave

:: interactive installation

"The sea is barely wrinkled, and little waves strike the sandy shore. Mr. Palomar is standing on the shore, looking at a wave. Not that he is lost in contemplation of the waves. He is not lost, because he is quite aware of what he is doing: he wants to look at a wave and he is looking at it. He is not contemplating, because for contemplation you need the right temperament, the right mood, and the right combination of exterior circumstances; and though Mr. Palomar has nothing against contemplation in principle, none of these three conditions applies to him. Finally, it is not 'the waves' that he means to look at, but just one individual wave: in his desire to avoid vague sensations, he establishes for his every action a limited and precise object." – Italo Calvino project page for mor information about the installation.

Palpable City

:: poster – exhibition [pdf]

Poster for a GPS driven, wearable tactile installation–Palpable City by Erik Conrad, exhibited at ImageRadio, MAD Emergent Arts Center, Eindhoven, Netherlands. Visit the project page for more information about the concept, exhibitions, and the wearable.

Symphony for 54 Shoes

:: by Ingrid Bachmann :: kinetic sculpture

I designed, built, and programmed the electronics for the kinetic sculpture, Symphony for 54 Shoes (Distant Echoes) by artist Ingrid Bachmann. [Video]

Topological Media Lab

:: soft architecture :: responsive media

I have worked with the Topological Media Lab, directed by Dr. Sha Xin Wei, at both Georgia Tech and Concordia University. I was involved, in various capacities at different times, in research in responsive media, architecture, and caligraphic video.

gestural light

:: interactive video and lighting

This research functions as material studies for creating responsive environments, using light that is shaped by movement and gesture. Ambient lighting and projected video are explored. In the case of projected video, in general, the video is not to be viewed as a framed image object, but as illumination. Visit the project page for more information about these works and experiments.


:: interactive lighting/installation

Troglodyte stems from the collaborative efforts of three members of the Topological Media Lab: Erik Conrad, Josée–Anne Drolet and Justyna Latek. The project consists of an ongoing series of experiments/interventions that investigate the relationship between a phenomenal understanding of the body and the experience and understanding of space... Visit the project page for more information about the collaboration/installation.

Hybrid Vigor

:: web design – no longer active

Arts, Computation, and Engineering graduate student exhibition at the Beall Center for Art and Technology, University of California Irvine. Designed logo and site with Sky Frostenson.

Hybrid Vigor Lecture Series

:: poster – lecture series

Poster for Arts, Computation, and Engineering program lecture series, University of California Irvine.

Parasite Lab

:: web design – no longer active :: try wayback machine

In 2005, I built parasitelab.net for artist Beatriz da Costa using a bit of php. The text link goes to the wayback machine at archive.org, which may or may not display correctly. The image link is to an enlarged screen grab. Unfortunately, parasitelab.net is on hiatus.


:: web design – speculative

This design for the University of California Irvine Library Catalog page was part of an assignment for Alfred Kobsa's graduate HCI seminar. Many elements of our design critique were eventually incorporated into the library page in 2005. It has since been redesigned again in a tabbed format. Link goes to current catalogue.


:: interactive installation/experimental reading interface

æther is an experiment in how new technologies of representation affect human perception. It acts as a haptic surface for computer mediated visualinformation to enable tangible experiences common to painting and sculpture, but rare in digital media. By immersing the experience of reading into a haptic visual space, different ways of seeing are allowed to dynamically combine and separate, giving rise to new forms of visual expression and reception. Visit the project page for more about the interface.

Sonification Lab

:: web design

As a graduate student research assistant at Georgia Tech's Information Design and Technology program, I designed and built a website for Bruce Walker's Sonification Lab. The site is still up and running since 2001. The Sonification Lab focuses on the development and evaluation of auditory and multimodal interfaces, and the cognitive, psychophysical and practical aspects of auditory displays, paying particular attention to sonification. Visit the Sonification Lab at Georgia Tech.


:: by Teri Rueb :: programming :: gps

I wrote a program for TRACE that interfaced the GPS and sound playback, and assisted in solving other technical design problems. About the project: "Trace is a memorial environmental sound installation that is site-specific to the network of hiking trails near the Burgess Shale fossil beds in Yoho National Park, British Columbia. The installation transforms the trails into a landscape of sound recordings that commemorate personal loss." More about the project on artist Teri Rueb's site.