selected visual design work redesign

I am in the process of redesigning, taking advantage of newer technologies, and refreshing its look and feel. The site is under construction, but welcome to view the process.

Elsewhere : Anderswo

a GPS driven sound installation by artist Teri Rueb. Project web site design, as well as the testing and deployment of the GPS+PocketPC systems.

Elsewhere : Anderswo [pdf]

a GPS driven sound installation by artist Teri Rueb. Bicycle map design.

Bark Rubbings - Handout [pdf]

Map and information handout for a GPS driven, wearable tactile installation.

Palpable City poster [pdf]

Poster for a GPS driven, wearable tactile installation.

Sewing Circuits [pdf]

Course announcement poster.

kinaesthetic double double

Kinetic sculpture and project website.

:: Riding the train, one's body participates in a choreography of movements instigated by the twists and turns of the tracks. Largely ignored, this jostling constitutes a communal everyday kinaesthetic experience. However, we share this experience with more than our fellow travelers---this choreography includes non-human actors as well. kinaesthetic double-double is a "performing object"---in this case, a discarded coffee cup that replays the quotidian jostling brought about by the twists, turns, stops and starts of the subway. Currently on exhibit as part of the RIDERS on the TRAIN exhibition at the AXIOM Center for New and Experimental Media in Jamaica Plain, MA from November 10 - December 19, 2009. Visti the project page

poems told by touch

Installation/performance, and project website.

:: The “mother of all senses”–touch is the sense which became differentiated into the others. The skin is the most ancient and largest sense organ of the body, yet few arts engage it directly. In his 1921 The Manifesto of Tactilism, Futurist Filippo T. Marinetti outlined a radical new “Art of Touch”. It is in this spirit that I propose to bring “poems told by touch” to Bumpkin Island via the construction of a small tactilist theatre. Updates will be posted on the project page

Part of the Bumpkin Island Art Encampment, Labor day weekend in the Boston Harbor Islands

Upcoming part of Fort Point Open Studios


A GPS driven sound walk by artist Teri Rueb. Project web site design, as well as the testing and deployment of the GPS+PocketPC systems.

Hybrid Vigor

Arts, Computation, and Engineering graduate student exhibition at the Beall Center for Art and Technology, University of California Irvine. Designed logo and site with Sky Frostenson.

Hybrid Vigor Lecture Series [pdf]

Poster for Arts, Computation, and Engineering program lecture series, University of California Irvine.


This design for the University of California Irvine Library Catalog page was part of an assignment for Alfred Kobsa's graduate HCI seminar. Many elements of our design critique were eventually incorporated into the library page in 2005. It has since been redesigned again in a tabbed format. Link goes to current catalogue. []

In 2005, I built for artist Beatriz da Costa using a bit of php. The text link goes to the wayback machine at, which may or may not display correctly. The image link is to an enlarged screen grab. Unfortunately, is on hiatus.

Arts, Computation, and Engineering (ACE)

In 2004-2005 I worked with Ward Smith and Sky Frostenson to redesign the website for the Arts Computation and Engineering (ACE) program at UCI. Directly below is the final design as of 2005. The program is now defunct, and the site is no longer active. The two following images are mockups from the initial design phase.

Georgia Tech Sonification Lab

As a graduate student research assistant at Georgia Tech's Information Design and Technology program, I designed and built a website for Bruce Walker's Sonification Lab. The site is still up and running since 2001. The Sonification Lab focuses on the development and evaluation of auditory and multimodal interfaces, and the cognitive, psychophysical and practical aspects of auditory displays, paying particular attention to sonification.

Open City

public telephone sound installation by artist Teri Rueb. Project web site design

Dr. Preminda Jacob, Associate Professor of Art History, UMBC

This was my very first professional design job, a website for UMBC art history professor Preminda Jacob. I built this site in 1999, and it is still active. Click to visit Dr. Preminda Jacob.

How to display a flying dragon, from Johann Kestler, Physiologia Kircheriana Experimentalis, p. 247. from

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